Universal Media Disc
the format for Sony Computer Entertainment's PSP
(PlayStation Portable)

Universal Media Disc (UMD) is a brand-new and groundbreaking optical storage medium bringing a new form of digital entertainment. Designed exclusively for the PSP, this six centimeter high capacity disc can carry over 1.8 GB of content, such as games in rich full-motion video. Sony DADC is expecting an output of over 40 milion for this exciting new storage media in Europe, 2005.

UMD is a new generation of optical pre-recorded storage media. The wide array of possibilities for PSP have turned UMD into an interesting medium. The small disc enables storage of a variety of content, such as games, music albums, music video compilations, films in full length, video content and pictures. UMD is a new format that will provide consumers with a considerably expanded value. The UMD come in a small protective cartridge which is packed in a special UMD box.

Sony DADC Salzburg will produce and distribute UMD discs to all European markets.