Over 200 milion discs protected: Sony DADC offers the most advanced suite of copy control solutions

ARccOS - Protect your DVD-Video digitally
ARccOS is a disc-based copy control technology with a dynamic copy protection system that is compatible with available DVD playing devices and doesn't interfere with the DVD's performance. Every single ARccOS guarded title can be equipped with a different code making a generic crack impossible. The protection is applied to the content after authoring, leaving the input material unchanged - a method which is successfully being used in the computer games copy protection market.

key2audioXS - protecting right and your CD-Audio
key2audioXS respects the rights and demands of everyone involved, no matter if you are a label, artist or consumer. As a leading CD-Audio copy control system, key2audioXS offers the optimal balance between playability and protection which ensures that their intellectual property is safe and that their business isn't threatened.

SecuROM - most effective protection fot CD-ROM and DVD-ROM
SecuROM is the most chosen copy protection for CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. SecuROM protects intellectual property by being the most powerful and highly advanced tool on the market. Its compatibility rate with CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives is unmatched, while the ease of implementation allows for extremly fast turnaround times. And to help keep you ahead of casual consumer copying and professional piracy.